Saturday night is Hockey Night in Canada. Its the Maple Leafs on a 2 game win streak vs the slumping Vancouver Canucks who are on a 7 game losing streak. In their last 5 games they have been shut out 4.. YES 4 times!! That has to be the worst or unluckiest team in the league. It’s still up in the air whether its a good or bad thing for the Maple Leafs who are coming off a 2-1 win against Buffalo Thursday night on the backs of Marner and Anderson who both had great games. Lets take a look at the stats and see if the Canucks are really as bad as their record makes them out to be.

So far this season the Canucks are in the basement of the league in GF%, SF% and CF%. Which starts to point the offence is not producing at all, which is easy to say and obvious with being shut out 4 times. Defensively they have been actually pretty good, top 10 in most categories for the defensive game and their goaltending has been stunning. Ryan Miller and Jacob Markstrom have posted 1.79 and 2.14 GAA and both over a .920 save percentage.

The Canucks look like they are going to be a hard team to beat on Saturday night, as the leafs will have to go through solid defense and goaltending to get the win. If the leafs defense can hold off the Canucks offence for another game i foresee a win. It’s only a matter of time until the slumping offence kicks in and we see what this Canucks team is really made of. I’d like to see what Loui Eriksson and Bo Horvat can do on Saturday night.


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Link to the analytics site i use and a small legend

GF% = Goals For percentage = 100* GF / (GF + GA),                                                                               SF% = Shots For percentage = 100* SF / (SF + SA)                                                                            CF% = Corsi For percentage = 100* CF / (CF + CA)