The Los Angeles Kings make their way to Toronto to take on the Maple Leafs on Nov 8 2016. The Kings are 6-6 on the season and on a 2 game winning streak. Led by former Toronto St. Mikes Major Peter Budaj who took over the starting role after Quick went down with a groin injury early season. The Kings are doing not too bad in terms of points considering they were shut out 3 games in a row prior to their 2 game win streak.

Many thought that with Johnathan Quick going down the Kings would be in massive trouble. That’s not the case, Budaj has put up some pretty impressive numbers this season and does not look out of place in the Kings net. The real issue is their offence, although they scored 5 in their last outing the Kings are 27th in the league in goals for and 24th on the power play. Their PK isnt much better at 26th.

The bright spot for this team could be their defense, as they are top 10 in the league in goals against. Their corsi numbers are also intriguing as they are #1 in CF%, There is a lot that goes into corsi but it essentially breaks down to chances for and against. So that means they are getting chances to score but just cant find the back of the net. Any Leaf fans know that spells disaster for the Leafs as that usually means they will show up and play hard.

This is a very winnable game for the Maple leafs who are on a 3 game win streak. If they can take advantage of the struggling offense of the Kings and keep moving forward with their young guns and on the back of Anderson this could spell another win for the Leafs. The Kings are going to need their leader Anze Kopitar to step it up as he has under performed this season with 6 points in 12 games thus far.

Story lines to keep an eye on:

Can Budaj keep up his dominant play?

Will Kopitar light the Leafs lamp?

Will the Leafs rookies keep up their offensive roll?

I for see a Leaf win 3-2, time will tell what happens. Let me know what you think of the Kings thus far, and who you think will win. Comment below or tweet me @TMLHockeytlk


Here is a quote of what corsi means:


A statistic originally invented by Jim Corsi, who was 
the goaltender coach for the Buffalo Sabres. Corsi is 
essentially a plus-minus statistic that measures shot 
attempts. A player receives a plus for any shot attempt 
(on net, missed, or blocked) that his team directs at 
the opponent's net, and a minus for any shot attempt 
against his own net. A proxy for possession.