The Leafs put forth their worst showing this season, out shot 43-19 and losing 7-0 it was a brutal game to watch. Lets just get into THE GOOD, THE BAD and THE UGLY of this game.

The Good:

The Kings: They played a dominant game in every way, offensively fore checking hard and winning every race to the puck. Defensively stopping Leaf rushes in the neutral zone and anytime the Leafs had a chance the defense cut off good passing lanes. Net minder Peter Budaj had a relative easy game and collected the shutout for his troubles.

Kids: There wasn’t much to celebrate in this game, the only positive I saw was when Babcock threw the lines into the blender Marner ended up on Matthews line FINALLY and they produced some good plays and chances. Hopefully he stays on that line.

The Bad:


Although the Leafs got out shot pretty bad, a bunch of those goals were savable shots that just got through Anderson and Enroth. They both have to be better. They are in the bad column tonight but this game wasn’t their fault.

The Ugly:

The Leafs:

The entire team played bad, Getting outplayed on almost every shift. Losing puck battles, breaking out of the zone, defensive zone coverage. It was all brutal, they didn’t use their speed to get to the slower Kings. Once again this team needs to have the puck to be good and it seems like if they struggle to get it back the game is over before it begins. On a side note… Ben Smith.. He can win face offs, that’s why he was brought to the leafs but he has come of the worst corsi in the league 5 on 5.

With Ben Smith on ice: 39.9%

Without Ben Smith: 53.8%

This means with him on the ice the Leafs give up more offensive chances, and when he is on the bench they get more offensive chances for. It’s nice he can win face offs but what does that do when you can’t keep possession of the puck when hes on the ice to be able to get scoring chances. Time to scratch him. Lets hope Friday against the Flyers the Leafs bring some energy!

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