Phil Kessel and the Penguins take on the rookie led Maple leafs on Saturday night during Hockey Night in Canada. The Penguins once again are one of the top teams in the NHL, led by the usual suspects Crosby, Malkin, Letang and former Maple Leaf Phil “the THRILL” Kessel which are all all star caliber players. The Penguins are a very balanced and experienced team which is evident in their past playoff success winning the Stanley Cup.

Saturday night could be a beat down by the Penguins since the Maple Leafs are in their second game of a back to back and coming off a win against the Flyers Friday night. Although it was a win the Leafs were out played and made the same mistakes they have all season. Defensive breakdowns and neutral zone turnovers, they got the win against Philly because of key defensive mistakes and a goalie who would struggle to stop a beach ball. That cant happen against the Penguins, they have too much talent in all 3 positions and will be able to shut the Leafs down if they get the lead early.

The Leafs and Penguins have the same amount of goals scored this season but the real difference is the Leafs have game up 13 more goals in the same number of games played. The Penguins are the better team plain and simple, but the games are played for a reason. The Leafs rookies are excited to play against Sidney Crosby so that could turn the tables, Marner, Nylander and Matthews lead the Maple Leafs in points so far this season and could turn up the heat against the Penguins. Auston Matthews has got no puck luck these last few games getting chance after chance including multiple posts, that’s part of the game but its quite clear he could easily add another 5-10 points if those shots went in. The chances are there for him so lets ease up on him a bit.

I foresee a Penguins win tonight 5-3 as Enroth is expected to start for the Leafs and i expect the usual suspects from both teams to produce tonight! Matthews gets a goal tonight i’m thinking! Lets see what happens.

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