In a fast paced back and forth game the Montreal Canadiens were able to squeak out a 2-1 win once again against the Toronto Maple Leafs. Both teams played great on both sides of the puck. The Habs looked really good in the 1st period but seemed to taper off at the end of the game which is expected on a 2nd game of a back to back.

The Canadiens looked extremely dangerous on the power play and had a bunch of good chances, other than that the Leafs held the Habs to mostly outside shots and limited the scoring chances in tight. The Same goes for the Montreal defence as Toronto was limited to mostly outside shots in the 1st and 2nd periods but the 3rd is where that fatigue kicked in. The Maple Leafs had chance after chance once again and Price came up huge again for them.

Both Netminders played extremely well, Price and Anderson were stellar tonight. Anderson making a massive glove save while sitting on his butt and Price just looking so poised as always. I was actually blown away how good he is, the little things he does well like reading the plays. There was a play on a cross crease that he was already across the net in position with the blocker down before Nylander even had the puck. Just amazing.

I say this every PGHT but Matthews with another good game! He keeps getting better and better and tonight was rewarded with an assist on the Nylander goal. I am happy with how he is playing with and without the puck and he is growing his skill on faceoffs where he went 9/16 tonight. That’s pretty good seeing as Montreal won the faceoff matchup tonight winning 56% of draws tonight.

Other notes on the game:

-I liked Brown being moved to the Matthews line and Nylander moved to the Kadri line.

-Rielly and Zaitsev look solid back there as a tandem.

-How fast is Byron.. My goodness he is quick.

-Slightly concerned on how many penalties the Leafs took this game. 5 in a game is a lot, especially when a bunch are from getting beat off the puck. Keep an eye on that moving forward.

Overall I think both teams played a good fast paced action packed game, full of big hits, penalties, and good scoring chances. I cant wait to see when Montreal makes a visit to the ACC.

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