The Maple Leafs head to Edmonton on Tuesday night to take on Connor Mcjesus and the Oilers. The Leafs are coming off a big win on Saturday night against the Capitals, while the Oilers are currently on a 2 game losing streak. Nylander is back from an “upper body” injury which kept him out of the game Saturday night, and into “Leafs twitter land” where the trade rumors were swirling about if he was being traded.

This is a usual preview of a Leaf game this season where the Leafs have better offensive numbers and the Oilers have far better defensive numbers. This is the second match up between these two clubs this season so it will be interesting to see how they change their strategies from the last game. Kadri was all over McDavid last game and ended up getting the game winner after beating him to a puck. I expect Kadri to be out on the ice as much as possible against McDavid once again.

Matthews is back to his old scoring ways getting points in his last few games, I expect him to keep the momentum tonight. He has had some awesome possession numbers as of late mostly caused by the cycle game. That was one thing I kept saying that line needed to do, Brown has helped that out immensely since being paired with Matthews. Hyman is doing a great job digging loose pucks but i still want to see more out of him in terms of keeping possession once he has it.

Here are some advanced stats for the nerds:


CF% 49.8%     51.9%

GF% 49.5 %    52.9%

PDO 100.2      100.3

FO% 49.5%    48.6%


Stats wise Edmonton looks to be the “better” team, but stats only mean so much. Toronto has proved they can compete with any team in the league this season. I think Matthews will out score McDavid tonight! Lets see what happens!

Keys to the Game:

Possession.. The Leafs need to keep up their solid possession game they have played as of late.

Can the Leafs contain McDavid?

Can the Oilers handle the sheer depth of the Leafs roster?

Who will take over Talbot or Anderson?

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