The Toronto Maple Leafs roll into Calgary Wednesday night to take on the Flames after a big win Tuesday night over the Oilers. Toronto is now on a 2 game win streak while the Flames have lost 2 in a row. Toronto is on the 2nd game of a back to back so it should be interesting how much energy they have tonight against the rested Flames.

The Flames have not been very good this season, currently 24th in the NHL standings and still missing their star player in Johnny Hockey. The Flames could be a team perfect for the Leafs take on during back to back games.

A big reason the Flames have struggled this season is special teams. With a PP at 30th place and PK at 29th its no wonder they have issues scoring and keeping the puck out of their net. Although defensive numbers both teams are similar, the Leafs offensive numbers blow Calgary out of the water. Toronto is 3rd in the NHL in GF while Calgary is 28th.

Here are some advanced stats for the nerds:

TOR         CGY

CF%       49.5          50.3

GF%       50.0          46.3

SF%       49.0          50.6

PDO      100.4        98.7

This should be a game where Toronto is the favorite even if it is their 2nd game in 2 nights. But like I always say there is a reason you play the games, anyone can win. I expect a 4-1 Leafs win if Anderson plays, If Enroth plays it may be a 5-4 game.

Keys to the game:

Who are the starting goalies?

Will fatigue come into play for the Maple Leafs?

Will the Flames special teams show up?

Will the Leafs rookies continue their offensive onslaught?

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