NO! Should the Leafs sign some mid 30’s vets to make a push? NO! I get it, trust me I was there once before. Lets sign a bunch of free agents and hope they bolster the lineup and make a cup push… But seriously… NO!!

With the Leafs that method has been tried over and over and over again, guess what.. It hasn’t worked. It could happen or maybe make the Leafs better in the short term for sure, but the goal isn’t short term. The goal is to create a “Beast in the East” if you will. I GET it, the Leafs had a good season. Made the playoffs and gave the Capitals everything they could handle, but that doesn’t mean this team is a cup contender.

Lets all take a deep breath….Breathe in and out nice and slow….. Now that your heart rate has dropped 1-2 BPM lets continue. This team is in the perfect position, TONS of young talent that can play at the NHL level, a bunch more in the AHL and development leagues and even from this last entry draft(Liljegren). STOP trying to rush it, Let the young guys grow. The Leafs aren’t at the point of adding that vet in his late 30’s for that one cup run, examples of teams like that would be Nashville, Anaheim, Pittsburgh, Montreal, NOT the Leafs.

The Toronto Maple Leafs need to find mid to late 20 players that will be part of this organization in the long term, ones that will be here for the cup run and many more. The idea of the Leafs being good again is a dangerous ideology. Us fans freak out and we want success now, take it from an OG that knows… Success isn’t created overnight, it takes time and patience. Feel free to argue and try to change my mind but having a late 30 player in the top 2-3 lines at 5 million is a waste. They will take spots of guys like Kapanen and Lievo just so we can finish 6th and not 8th.

I plead with Leafs nation to take a deep breath once more, it WILL be okay just trust in the system. If we can add some players that will fit the Leafs mold long term then i’m all for it, but lets not stunt the growth of the future Leafs for short term potential gains.

Lets hear your thoughts on this or the past week full of drafts for the Leafs!