So I tweeted about this the other day, it all spawns off Connor Mcdavid signing a 12+ million dollar per year contract. EVERYONE was flipping out how Auston Matthews is now a 10+ Million dollar player and somehow Nylander and Marner are 6-7 Million dollar players.

Matthews is the big name, drafted #1 overall and went on to score 40 goals and 69 points which was AMAZING. Marner and Nylander to me are just as impressive with 42 and 39 assists for 61 points each, Marner did all that with mono as well. NOW don’t get it twisted as I have had this discussion with my uncle many times on who is better, I think Matthews is the better player and he is Marners #1 fan….. Hear me out here…. What if Marner or Nylander out score Matthews next season?

Going back to the Mcdavid contract, yes he got 100 points and probably even more to come. That contract value in my opinion is “mostly” based on his value to his respective team. Without him… YIKES…If Matthews goes out there and tears up the NHL and leads the Leafs again next season then I agree he is in for a BIG payday. BUT in the off chance one of the other two outscore him it could potentially help out the Leafs management in negotiations for all 3 players.

The end goal is to get the young core signed long term at a reasonable cap hit, if Nylander signs a reasonable extension this season and then out plays the other two it would be hard for them to argue they are worth “X” amount more. This is an AMAZING or potentially DANGEROUS problem to have with 3 legit world class players on your roster, I just hope the core can get signed to reasonable contracts.

Before I get hate from the trolls, YES I know Matthews played with only rookies and Marner was in lack of better terms “sheltered”  with vets last season. The point still stands, if they are all within close proximity to one another again this season the contract negotiations may not be so cut and dry as people are expecting. Matthews will for sure make the most due to his value and position but Marner in my opinion was the MVP of the Bozak line, without him that line is no where near as good.

On a side note, I was kind of disappointed in an interview with Timothy Liljegren I saw today. It came off as no matter what he will be playing in Sweden next year. What if he legit makes the team? Does he still want another season back home? I would understand why because of his age, I’m just excited to see this kid in action!!!

The future is looking BRIGHT Leafs nation and no matter what happens we should all be excited. Let me know what you think the contract situation might be if Marner/Nylander out score Matthews this season, I’m interested in other opinions.